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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 29, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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inspecting the damage in oakland's historic city hall. what major jean quan wants a judge to do after last night's oakland protest turns violent. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. they're picking up the pieces now. both sides are assessing the outcome. ktvu's christien kafton
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reports. >> reporter: it's a pretty good picture of them using a curve ball to get in. and a pretty good picture of those who broke in. >> reporter: jean quan led a tour through oakland city hall, showing where and when protesters broke in. >> it's a beloved building that's a symbol of oakland's resilience. i think people are getting ready angry. >> reporter: oakland police say they arrested 400 protesters in all last night. protesters targeted the downtown ymca and sandized frank ogawa -- and vandalized frank ogawa plaza. today some members of the occupy movement say despite the clashes with police, they want
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the general public to focus on their message. >> the invasion should come down and have their voices being heard. >> reporter: members of occupy oakland say they're going to figure out what the next step for the movement is. >> we do have a plan today. we are prepared for additional problems as they shall present themselves today. >> reporter: tonight, police displayed several sources used. protesters launched rocks and bottles of feces. many people were helped for several hours. ktvu was there when some of
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those protesters were released from jail. >> these demonstrators were greeted with cheers as they walked out. some of those arrested say it was peaceful but things changed after officers started firing bean bags. >> i understand the reasoning behind it. but i don't condone the movement. >> reporter: those arrested last night range from failing to disperse. the members of the oakland media committee were arrested,
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but were quickly released after police found out they were part of the media. >> there were multiple dispersal orders given with direction on where to leave and some people chose to leave others didn't. >> reporter: from the chief made a point of noting that during last night's protest, the department received more than 1,100 calls of which more than 480 were 911 calls. he says the dell visions reduced the department's ability to focus on public safety priorities. tonight we go beyond occupy and take a look at another side of oakland that doesn't usually grab the headlines. that part of our coverage is coming up in just eight minutes. oakland police are investigating two early morning shootings that killed two people. the most violent shooting happened at 2:00 p.m. outside a house party near east 18th street. officers say four people were shot. one died at the scene, one is in critical condition and two
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others are in stable condition. that shooting came just after another shooting in west oakland that killed a woman. police do not believe those shootings are related. a body found hanging on some equipment at the port of oakland yesterday afternoon could be the suspect in the deadly stabbing of a teenage mother. officials fell ktvu they are still working to confirm the identity of the body but it fits the description of 19-year- old henry leon of oakland. leon is suspected of kidnapping and stabbing a 19-year-old girl in his parents home. they say leon is the father of the girl's 19 -month-old baby. authorities found an 81- year-old woman severely beaten in a parking lot. the woman remains in critical
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condition tonight and is unable to speak with investigators. people in the community say the woman lives near that tire shop and is known to take early morning walks in that area. the school board wants to talk doyle park elementary. the district says the school has struggled. 90% of the students are economically disadvantaged. if the closure happens they would be transferred to near by schools? -z this wednesday will mark the ends of an era when the current st. anthony's dining room closes its doors. food will still be served to those in need but the old dining room will be demolished and rebuilt. st.anthony's is seeking help to make it all happen. >> reporter: almost every day for 62 years the hungry has
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stood in line to enters what is known as the miracle on 19th street. >> this is a huge moment for st. anthony's. really for san francisco as well. >> this is what will replace it, a multi story $23 million building that will bring the dining room out of the basement and on to street level and into the sunlight for all to see. >> i think it's important what st. anthony and what we do here is visible to san francisco. the issues that we deal with is not something we should sweep under the carpet. >> reporter: the current dining room is maxed out. 3,000 meals are served. the kettles were donated from an aircraft carrier. the building was retrofitted, it was never meant to be a dining hall at all. when you walk in, you go down a raft. it was never meant for people,
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it was meant for cars. >> reporter: the people will dine in a temporary hall for two years until the new hall is open. it will be better in every way. but that doesn't mean this old place will be missed. >> i've been coming here for 14 years, and it's almost like, home. >> reporter: major donors have already kicked in $18 million for the $23 million project. st.anthony's is asking for the public help for the rest. the issue is who controls the system's $3 million project. a bill proposes to remove the funding control from an independent office. the chief's office has been advocating against the bill. the assembly must vote on the bill tomorrow or else it is dead for the rest of the year.
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this morning city of and two related sites were hit with a message and it read hacked by el mhuammcd, this turkish hacker. officials say video surveillance shows a 62-year- old driver louis williams going around down crossing lights and cross signals and driving right into the path of a high speed train. williams' son says the train could have been going too fast. >> whether he drove across it
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or not, i think if the train my family should have still been alived. police arrested a driver in connection with an accident that killed two people. it happened this morning near air base parkway. 42-year-old michelle henry was speeding when she hit a ford explorer that was then hit by a toyota. one person from each vehicle died. henry was book on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of a loaded firearm. one driver said it was like seeing the end of the world. a series of freeway crashes in florida that killed at least ten people. before dawn today, a sudden bank of fog combined with smoke from a near by fire caused chain reaction accidents on both sides of i75 near gainesville. when rescuers first arrived the visibility was so poor they had to find victims by listening to the cries of the injured.
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wreckage was spread out over a mile. at least 10 cars crashed. part of the freeway remains closed tonight. protesters target a south bay bank. the bay area woman they are trying to help and the larger message they are trying to send. a south bay skate park has turned a corner. the 30,000 reasons why it's going to stay open longer. a new season and there's a lot more to talk about ññg
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oakland police are investigating a street shooting tonight that sent the victim to a hospital. police discovered the victim as he was being driven to the hospital on interstate 580. the victim was conscious as he was put into the ambulance. he told police they were shot at just after 9:00 p.m. the car windows were shattered. >> oakland police are struggling to keep future occupy protest from turning into violence. tonight we talk to jade hernandez. >> reporter: protesters ran through this park last night. police officers, everywhere in the next block the fox theater, it's a city attraction residents say get lost in the shadow. >> reporter: this father
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brought his children to lake merit to enjoy his children outside away from work. >> it's a really important part of oakland. it's a way to build community. referee: he says he can see why the oakland movement has evolved like it has. >> to me everyone in oakland should be able to enjoy a quality of life that's offered you know by people you see in lake merit. i think until we address the conditions that create unrest we're always going to have civic unrest. >> reporter: for this business owners, not everybody gets the same opportunities. >> people don't really want to come out like first friday's events. it's been ruining a lot of business around here in oakland. >> reporter: but there are
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residents willing to one day after hundreds of occupy arrests so patronized local restaurants. >> the city of oakland does need business. and we just can't sit at home and lock ourselves completely in. >> reporter: -- >> it's a great city. oakland receive as bad wrap but it's a great city and so are the people in it -- oakland receives a bad wrap. >> and the occupy movement has been one of the issues for oakland mayor jean quan. but what happened last night may have changed the opinion of some of her strongest opponents. that next. two bay area occupy movements joined forced today to save a homeowner from foreclosure. occupy redwood city rallied outside a chase bank this afternoon. they are calling for bank officials at that bank to
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renegotiate the loan of maria chapla. >> this is happening all over silican valley and all across the united states. and this has got to stop. the only way that this is going to stop is by people in the communities rising up and saying, this has got to stop. >> reporter: demonstrators also tell us they are calling for more people to join their efforts and try to help them make a difference. a giant south bay skate park has been saved from closure. at least for now, the cuttingham regional skate park is in east san jose. maureen naylor is there to tell us how hundreds came together to fund the skate park. >> reporter: because of those donations the future looks more stable. >> reporter: after jumping a few budget hurdles, officials say they have landed enough funding to keep the regional skate park open till the epd of the year.
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thanks to $30,000 in donations -- open till the end of the year. >> i had never heard of this park until i heard it was closing. which is unfortunate because it's an awesome skate park. >> reporter: leaders say the facility near raging waters has also turned the corner toward self-sufficiency. today we found athletes from age 3 to 13. >> you can tell it's been a long time and effort in building this thing. i just love it. >> reporter: to age 39. thrilled with the outcome. >> i'm glad because this is a great place. it's better than the public ones. like the one at snow drive, the other ones because there's graffiti all over the place. >> reporter: the park also changed the rules requiring bike riders use the facility separate from skateboarders. now this man who drives from
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san francisco can ride with his brothers. but with popularity comes for skaters. >> we want to see the park survive. >> reporter: the park and the family memories. the city is still looking for other sponsors to keep the money rolling in. one sponsor told us the funding has improved so much. the partial is run by san pablo avenue. safe way is also considered a gas station on the side. the pane is paying $9 million for the parcel. hercules will pay $9 million to clear the site and install underground utilities. the oakland museum is putting on an ultimate garage
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sale. it's stuffed with dishes, clocks, crystal, furniture, jewelry and everything else you can imagine from the white elephant event. 100% of the proceeds all goes to the museum. advanced sales were brisk this morning. one shopper said she found the perfect gift. >> a nice royal dalton cup and saucer. yeah just the right thing for somebody that i know and love. >> take a look at this, an ancient typewriter it's one of the more unusual items available. the official event goes through march third. if ewe want to donate, go to their website. fans got a chance to see their favorite players up close and personal at today's fan fest. owner tim walt was also there. he's been pushing to move the team to san jose. some fans we spoke to do not
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like that idea and some of that talk is a distraction. >> every seat has a great view and people are talking about that not the a's winning. >> reporter: we spoke one on one with some of the newest names on the a's roster. coming up in sports wrap, hear what they have to say about the team's future. >> 89 world series you know. nuclear or not. the pressure being turned off on iran by the united nations and why some people have their doubts as this latest action will indeed be successful. peace in afghanistan, the move that could finally bring an end to the sweetheart. we need to talk.
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can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake is a good swapportunity. that's not a real word. oh haha it's real. [ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today. tonight inspectors are in iran for a three day tour of
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iran's nuclear facility. as steve santana reports, the change comes as the united nations are imposing new sanctions on iran. >> reporter: this inspection comes in the wake of new economic pressures on iran and of recent threats by iran to choke up international air shipments. the inspection team for the atopic energy agency seen here leaving vienna has now left for iran to do their work. the organization says this trip will help clarify matters. >> we hope that iran will engage with us on our concerns concerning military enhancement program. so we're looking forward to start with a dialogue. >> reporter: iranian president ahmadinejad said he is willing to start talking over iran's
11:54 pm
nuclear programs. he's feeling the squeeze from sanctions to ban iranian oil imports beginning in july. experts say iran will try to control what these inspectors see but it's still possible they could uncover important evidence. meantime, many say the u.n. inspector simply allow iran to continue stalling. >> when you bring in -- that's just buying iran time and we should be cautious of taking the foot off the gas very soon. they could end this tomorrow by stopping their nuclear program. >> in washington, steve santani, fox news. police were very busy in walnut creek after another violent night of fights that injured officers. the first was at 5:30 a.m. at the parking garage. a few minutes later another fight broke out at the cinco de
11:55 pm
mayo restaurant. and then moments later, there was yet another fight at the hub caps restaurant. three officers suffered minor injuries. in news of the world tonight from of afghanistan comes reports of a meeting between the taliban and the karzite government. the talks are expected to be held within the next few weeks in audi arabia. in pakistan, thousands rallied against drone strikes just days after four mill militants -- militants were killed in a drone strike. the rally today was coordinated by a political organization
11:56 pm
widely believed to have connected to an a group accused of attacks. some of the fighting took place less than 3-miles from the capital suggesting president al-assad is concerned that anti government forces could be closing in on damascus. from brazil comes a study that believes being born by cesarean section does not lead to obese adults. that led some scientists to suggest that the lack of exposure from the birth canal could impact weight. but researchers looked at several factors including income, and mother's height and weight and found that a c- section made no difference in the child's
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it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished? and so are we. okay, but i just took a mortgage out on the cabinet. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. much of the criticism of oakland mayor's has surrounded her handling of oakland protests. we're looking at efforts to have the mayor recalled after last night's occupy flair up. much of the criticism surrounding mayor quan has come from her handling of occupy oakland. but when it comes to last night, one of her harshest critics had this to say -- >> my first reaction was it's about time. >> reporter: quan took a stand
12:00 am
on violence. nancy sibas gives quan credit for that. but says a lot more has to do. >> as the mayor is she going to go out there and clean it up herself. >> reporter: quan's husband says support for his wife has increased in the last month. and knows that occupy protests are not just oakland's problems. >> every community in the country has to deal with this, it's a very difficult one. just to remind you that this mayor supports the general goals of occupy wall street. >> reporter: with two certified recall efforts under way, work to get the necessary 20,000 ballot signatures is about to get started and she admits some will need to be convinced. >> you're going to have the people that are going, she's only been there a year and a couple of weeks or a couple of days it's going to be a year. we have to give her time. but does rome burn while we give her time. >> reporter: the effort moves
12:01 am
forward with a big kick off plan for here next month. in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu news. you will find continuing coverage of the occupy protest go to our website. republican presidential candidate rick santorum cancelled an appearance at a florida campaign rally to stay at the bedside of his ill daughter. a campaign aid said santorum's 3-year-old daughter isabella was hospitalized last night with pneumonia. the child has a hereditary disease that affects her lungs. other candidates spoke to voters. newt gingrich blamed president oe -- obama for the nation's economic problems. >> four more years of obama
12:02 am
will be a total disaster for the united states of america. if with his unemployment, his deficits, his problems, he can get reelected can you imagine how radical he would be in a second term. >> reporter: despite the former house speaker's win in the south carolina primary last week, gingrich is trailing mitt romney by a wide margin in some polls. romney spent some of his time today attacking gingrich during his appearance in florida, he brought up gingrich's report in the house of representatives. >> the speaker had one chance to lead our party in 1994, he came in and after four years, he had to resign in disgrace. and he did not serve our party. by the way, at the time he had left the speakership, his approval rating was 18%. it did not work out so well.
12:03 am
>> reporter: romney blasted gingrich for working with freddie mac. governor ron paul was on the sunday talk shows where he fired against one of his opponents. >> i voted against the department of homeland security and the tsa and it's a bureaucratic monster. it totally voids the concept of the fourth amendment. searches and prodding and poking, you know with no permission and they trap us into it there's no way you can travel if you don't do it. >> reporter: paul today denied a report by the washington postthat he had approved racist articles in a newsletter he published in the 1990s. a poll of so called swing states finds romney barely beating president obama if the election were held today. the poll predicted mr. obama would easily win over newt gingrich, 54 to 40%.
12:04 am
ron paul and rick santorum would each vote to the incumbent by 7%s. the poll focused on red states that could turn blue in november. students went on a field trip that will stick in their mind for years. that after they found a wanted man stuck deep in mud. the fire department called in its rescue team, and the man told officials he had been stuck in the month for three days. authorities say he was wanted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. state parks officials want to hear from you about plans to reduce the number of people allowed to hike yosemite half dome. rangers say crowds make the climb unsafe because hikers can't quickly descend the slick granite if a storm arises. public comment on this plan is open until march 15.
12:05 am
add min -- administrators have decided to ban a popular foot ware among girls, uggs and other big fuzzy boots will be prohibited at pugs school in philadelphia. students have been hiding phones inside the boots. the red carpet is being rolled up tonight after this year's sagg awards. and in the end one movie came out on top. >> i need to see you squirm at all times. >> reporter: "the help" won best supporting ago tretsz -- supporting actress for octavia spencer. history down under, while many of us were asleep the record setting match that decided the first tennis grand
12:06 am
slam event of the year. coming up late ññg
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we're wrapping up another fairly nice weekend. i've been using a line quite a bit over the last couple of monthsful still more sunshine for today although you may have noticed a few high clouds. we have rain moving into parts of northern california, up forward eureka and pleasant city. you can see a little bit of activity moving the north bay.
12:09 am
for the most part just cloud cover out there. this is the time lapse looking across the bay. you can see the scattered clouds pushing through the region. still a beautiful sunset out there that's after another warm afternoon. look at the 60s once again reported across the bay area. santa rosa at 65, hayward 61 and livermore in the mid-60s as well. forecast headlines for tonight. we do have this, we will continue to thicken up the high cloud cover. tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy skies and the extended forecast, no major cold storms in fact, temperatures will be warming back up in our five day. you will see that coming up in a little bit. overnight lows will be in the upper 30s to the 40s with mostly cloudy skies. if you don't have the sprinkles, this is a bed of sprinkles out there right around the coast and the bay. so we will encounter wet
12:10 am
roadways tomorrow morning. high pressure we're talking a lot about high pressure over the next few weeks keeping us dry. this weak system moving through. with that on monday high cloud cover out there. as we move into the afternoon hours, we will gladly scale on some of the cloud cover. temperatures for tomorrow and into tuesday, they will be cooling off just a few degrees. these are all just minor changes. here's our cloud model, really not too generous with the rainfall here. you can see a little bit of activity way up to our north. once again we could have spotty drizzle out there. as we head into the afternoon hours. skies becoming partly cloudy so there's still a nice sunday afternoon. but we're going to have stubborn clouds. here is a look ahead your extended newscast. temperatures under cloudy skies. we'll thicken up a cloud cover a little bit for wednesday
12:11 am
morning. decrease it a little bit for the afternoon hours. a bit of a warming trend. with the weekend in view, pretty much the same stories with the readings back up into the mid- and upper 60s. taking a look at the latest forecast models, and they're really not generating much in rainfall. things could change but for the most part hanging on to a wet pattern. basically is spring here. >> if we have to ride thisout, i guess we have to ride it out. >> no choice, yeah. it's been called one of the greatest tennis matches in history. we break up the finals of the australian open. >> the battle of the bay, cal versus [ male announcer ] for some reason
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good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. stanford and cal were the final pac12 game of the weekend. a sunday night event at the pavilion. cal pulls down a rebound, gets the break going here. jorge gutierrez to crab. crab had 18. this game would see 13 lead changes and five ties. final seconds of the first half. stanford nastic just pulls off a shooter. he gets the shot off in time. one of those lead changes here, stanford down two in the second half. and then in front when hustiss shots a three. then back come the bears. they get it going in the open floor after a miss by brown.
12:15 am
brandon smith to gutierrez. the bears then finally build some padding down the stretch. to thermon for the jam. stanford has lost the season high three in a row, 69-59 the final. cal tied to top stanford. the longest championship match in grand slam tennis history stretched into monday morning in australia and was an instant classic. ne the, al against djokovic for the australian open title and for the third straight time in a major, it took five hours and 53 minutes to settle it. djokovik came to settle it but here comes nedal. djokovic changes from a white shirt to a black shirt. djokovic back to a black shirt.
12:16 am
he'll be long as this point comes to an end. nedal came to be in command in the fifth set. but djokovi would not let himself be put away. the ball hits into the net it was 6-6 which meant you had to win by two and that's what djokovic did past nedal. djokovic the new thorn on the side of the nedal. it's the third australian open for djokovic who's now won five grand slam titles this one probably his most memorable. a good contention for the probowl. akers among the best at this, and the nfl recovering the on side kick. chicago's charles tillman covering the ball. the afc had yesterday to run a
12:17 am
play from scrimmage and found itself down. fitzgerald just play catch. the afc ties the game at 14, later in the fourth quarter. ben roethlisberger to brandon marshall. marshall gets rid of a couple of defenders and goes 58 yards. marshall was the story, he caught 14 passes and was named the game's mvp. alton lets one fly for mall shaá after a little pinball action. the afc wins 59-41 the second highest combined points total in probowl history. there's never much checking or for that matter much defense in the nhl all star game either. tonight's game in ottawa no
12:18 am
exception. the nhl being represented by couture. moburick scored on his teammate. scott heart comes up with a lose puck. centered to claude garrude. marion host on the break away. running one through the legs of eric carlson. final score not really what this game is all about but it was team chara12, team alfredson9. tiger woods makes his debut. that left the door open for others, grand mcdowel came charging in. he was right on the line, a
12:19 am
little roll and mcdowell has a hole in one. he shot a 68 and ended up tied with wood. england's robert rock shared the lead. part of a 70 that was good enough for a win. tiger is lucky he's getting close, we'll see how close next week. at the farmer's tournament in san diego, carl had a 7- stroke lead almost tasting his first tour win. he led snaticker by third. doesn't get much better than that. snaticker made his birdie but still trailed by three. after stanley hit his first approach into the water, he needed this putt for a double bogey. both players had puts nearly identical on net. with the pressure on, stanley slides his putt by.
12:20 am
so close but no win. still hey guys, breakfast!
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♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check.
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in an offseason of moves that largely alienated their fans the a's did something today that was fan friendly. they brought back the fan fest and fred inglis was in attendance. >> reporter: more than 7,000a's fans showed up for the fan fest at oracle arena today, it was their first chance to see some familiar faces like cocoa crisp who nearly signed with tampa but returns as i one of the a's top dawgs. >> my foal is to get to first
12:24 am
base, if i get to -- my goal is always to get to first, if i get to second so be it. >> we compliment each other. because we're both speedy guys. we're both guys that can cause erratic decisions by the pitcher or the catcher at any given time. >> reporter: but with three front line pitchers, gonzalez, cahill and -- traded way, it could seem like it's -- >> you have to hit and win right now. that's where the separation is. you know you rebuild in the office you don't rebuild object field. you know i'm not rebuilding. i'm ready to win. >> our job is to go out there and play baseball the best we can and give 100% and put the time and work ethic in to be the best baseball players we can be. if everyone does that, all 25 guys on the roster do that no
12:25 am
one is is going to be upset with the result. >> there has to be that killer rep that we get. there is some truth in it that you have to learn how to fight through to the end and kind of scratch for each run and hang on for dear live. it's something young players will have to learn. >> reporter: the a's say they're not too concerned about this relocation issue. but the fans are. >> people don't think i care about them but i think the people who come here are the most loyal of all fans you can get. because here i am telling us we're going to move and we're not going to have these players, the only site that's available to us based on our analysis is that downtown site in san jose. last year oakland was dead last in attendance. maybe that's why they are thinking about pursuing manny ramirez despite his 50 game suspension and all that other baggage. >> i think it would be fun.
12:26 am
i don't even know if we're in the running for him but it wouldn't bother me to have him on the team. just the opposite. >> reporter: the a's have tries many other promotions to attract fans but sometimes not even winner can overcome certain distractions. in oakland, fred, inglis for sports wrap. with one skater left to go, adam riplen had the lead. but that stranger abbot. he came through again, abbot put together the highest score at the u.s. championship since the scoring system was updated in 2006. we'll think about skating in san jose, you can expect to see some folks who have been here before. abbot's score puts him within distance of patrick chan.
12:27 am
the warrior are 1-3 so far. he's made a habit of this, the flying tomato sean white. this run earned white his fifth consecutive gold medal in a perfect score of 100. the gold medal makes white the third five-pete athlete. very familiar faces in indianapolis. there will be a little conversation about the game i think this week. new york giants arrive tomorrow. that will do it for this sunday night edition of sports wrap. have a good super bowl weekend. >> that's right. wow. >> whatever. >> yeah. >> that is our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we'll see you the next time news break. >> be sure to join the ktvu morning news at 4:30 a.m. for the latest news from overnight. remember we're always here for
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made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ [ female announcer ] cheeserburger macaroni hamburger helper. now even cheesier and tastier. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious.


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